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INTER CONTROL - Partner its Customers

In cooperation with you, INTER CONTROL designs the control system for new machines, provides the electronic components and programs the complete application software.

If desired, the application software is handed over along with a machine specific training. Thus, you will be enabled to maintain the application software and implement new functions by yourself.

Our team of application engineers has decades of practice in the automation of off-highway-vehicles.

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Together with you, we plan and project your control solution. Experienced engineers from our Application department are available to support you.

  • Description of the machine and its individual functions
  • Ensuring the economic efficiency of the overall system
  • Analysis of functional safety requirements based on the relevant B and C standards
  • Concept creation
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Safety concepts

We support you in the realization of functionally safe mobile machines with our team of TÜV-certified Functional Safety Engineers. If required, we will accompany you through the entire safety process, from the elaboration of the safety requirements to the completion of the safety-related functions.

During implementation, you can draw on our relevant process experience as well as on a comprehensive library of safety-related software modules. Prepared documentation templates support the creation of standard-compliant documentation.

Our offer includes the following services: 

  • Creation of the system concept
  • Creation of the safety concept
  • Elaboration of the safety-related software specification
  • Elaboration of the high-level design
  • Elaboration of the low-level design
  • Programming with Codesys V3.5 SIL2
  • Execution of the module tests
  • Support with the integration tests
  • Support during the validation of the machine function
  • Support during the acceptance by a certification body
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Project planning

Our application department creates a specification sheet based on your requirements specification with the following criteria:

  • Definition of the inputs and outputs in terms of type and number
  • Support in the selection of the required sensors
  • Design of the bus topology (CAN / Ethernet) under functional and economic aspects
  • Description of the functionality (safety and standard)

In addition, the concept development takes place. For example, the following documents are prepared:

  • System concept
  • Safety concept
  • Safety-related software specification
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For you, our application department creates on your behalf the complete program or parts of your machine automation with functions such as:

  • Hydraulic control functions
  • Machine communication based on CAN (CANopen, J1939, CANopenSafety, CAN2.0) and Ethernet (Modbus, OPC UA, TCP-IP, UDP)
  • Remote maintenance with IOT Gateway
  • Driving functions
  • Load moment limitation
  • Automatic leveling
  • Operator guidance
  • Data logging
  • Communication with higher-level systems via Ethernet and router
  • Communication to radio remote controls
  • Safety functions and diagnostics

In addition, we support you with software module tests, integration tests and final validation.

The program is created in CODESYS V3 or CODESYS V3 SIL2 for safety applications.



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Commissioning service

Together with you we put your machine into operation.

  • Download of the application software
  • Parameterization
  • Optimization
  • Creation of the documentation
  • Support with the acceptance of the complete system, if necessary together with a test center


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Your satisfaction is close to our heart. That is why we hand over the application software we have created for you, combined with training tailored to your application, for further maintenance.

Your advantages:

  • You have the functionality of your product at your disposal
  • You expand without being dependent on external help
  • You fulfill customer wishes independently
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On-site service

To ensure the smooth interaction of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics, a joint analysis on the vehicle may be necessary. In this case, our experts in the Service department are available to you worldwide.

In detail we offer

  • Telephone support
  • On-site deployment of our application engineers
  • System analysis on the vehicle

Direct contact service:
Phone +49(0)911 9522-888
E-Mail: Service@intercontrol.de


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We work with you to define your customized training concept:

Functional safety for mobile machinery according to ISO 13849-1
Introductory training specifically for your application program according to IEC 61131-3
Product-specific training for the comprehensive INTER CONTROL product portfolio
from controllers for mobile machines to HMIs and IO nodes.

Workshops tailored to your application

Typical topics: 

  • Communication interfaces CANopen, J1939 and CANopen Safety, RS232, Ethernet, USB
  • Safe programming with CODESYS V3 SIL2
  • Combination of safe and standard applications
  • Multitasking programming
  • HMIs and Webvisu

Direct contact training:
Phone +49(0)911 9522-888
E-Mail: Service@intercontrol.de