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is a globally positioned family-owned company headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. Our worldwide presence with manufacturing facilities in Europe and China, coupled with a global sales network, make us a reliable and competent partner for our customers. More than 500 employees at 5 locations in 4 countries are working for INTER CONTROL.

We continuously develop our processes, products, and solutions. For the creative and social environment of tomorrow we are planning to redesign our company headquarters in Nuremberg. As you can see, INTER CONTROL is gearing up for the future with you ...

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Locations & Figures

  • 5 Locations
  • 4 Manufacturing Sites
  • 3 Business Units
  • 50 Mio. Euro Turnover
  • 500 Employees
  • 100% Family Owned
  • 100% Equity Financed


  • Vision

    Our customers see our service as a major part of their own success. We are the first port of call for clients seeking innovative solutions. Customer satisfaction is our main concern and we work in close cooperation with our customers to develop solutions for the future.

  • Mission

    A successful partnership is based on mutual trust. The close cooperation we promote with our clients is based on the highest level of integrity, commitment and customer orientation, so that both parties can benefit from the partnership.

  • Highest quality standard

    We do everything in our power to ensure that you only receive products that meet our high quality standards. Product quality is a major goal during development. Our experience and our exhaustive endurance tests, which are performed under extreme conditions safeguard our leading competitive position.

  • Highest technological standard

    Our manufacturing methods are based on state-of-the-art technology and efficient production. This enables us to provide you with top-quality products at reasonable prices. The cutting-edge equipment installed in our development and test laboratories allows us to carry out rapid and reliable analysis and testing.

  • Innovation

    Long-term relationships with suppliers give companies a competitive edge. Choosing the right partner is vital. We are a development partner for our customers because we promote innovation. We present solutions. Sometimes even before our customers have recognized the demand.

  • Flexibility

    Our door is always open for special needs. With our well thought-out, modular product range, our readiness to explore new avenues and our organizational strength we are flexible and quick to respond to new challenges.

  • Reliability

    We only make promises we can keep. Our business is built on reliability, efficiency and our ability to plan our work and our products. That is why we cannot promise everything, but we will do everything in our power to keep a promise.

  • Close Customer Contact

    Accurate knowledge of our customers' goals and problems is important to us. Our challenge is to understand the requirements in detail and to fulfill them as well as possible. Our goal is the highest degree of customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we maintain close contact with our customers and take market indicators very seriously. Our aim is to make "Inter Control" and "Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau" your first choice when looking for a capable development partner.


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© Inter Control


1964 INTER CONTROL starts with the aim to develop high quality and reliable temperature dependent switching and control devices. The "journey" begins ...

© Inter Control


About 500 dedicated employees work in the business units Controls and Off-Highway Electronics and are continuously improving and expanding the product portfolio. Every day, we do our best for our customers ...

© Inter Control


We continuously develop our processes, products, and solutions. For the creative and social environment of tomorrow we are planning to redesign our company headquarters in Nuremberg. As you can see, INTER CONTROL is gearing up for the future with you ...


employ more than 500 people worldwide and achieve a turnover of above 50 million Euros.


Enhanced economic controller with Safety
The digsy fusion E safety provides an even more economic solution due to its integrated E-stop safety function.


New economic controller
The digsy fusion E economic controller addresses the needs for cost sensitive machines without limiting functionality and connectivity.


Launch of performance controller
Releasing Inter Controls performance series digsy fusion S-P and G-P to the off-highway market. Providing extraordinary computing power, ample memory and outstanding connectivity.


Launch of the “digsy fusion S” safety controller
Introduction of the safety controller digsy fusion S for off highway applications. Setting new industry standards by utilizing a dual core lock step safety controller and featuring the patented interference free separation of safe and non-safe software on one core.


INTER CONTROL takes over the business unit heat control from Electrovac
The activities in the field of heat control (EHC) of the company Electrovac in Klosterneuburg, Austria, were taken over and integrated into the controls business division.


Take over of TSB
INTER CONTROL takes over thermostat production of the TSB.


Launch of the new “Smarty II” thermostat generation
A new, technically superior generation of temperature controllers, thermal fuses and combination products is launched.
Opening of the Tianjin Sales Office
A sales office for the China market is established to strengthen sales and technical support activities of the mobile electronics business division


Opening of a new manufacturing company in China
The Hong Kong sales office is supported by its own production sites in Guangzhou in China. With the new facility, the Control business division now manufactures at three production sites in Europe and China.


INTER CONTROL takes over the shares of the company ALRE
Alre, Berlin joins the company group through takeover of shares. Alre is specialized in control technology for heating, climate and systems engineering.


Launch of "digsy compact“ controller
The new mobile controller series "digsy compact" is presented at the BAUMA in 1998. This controller concept was developed especially for the needs of the manufacturers of mobile machinery.


Opening of the HK Sales Office
A sales office for the Asian region is established in Hong Kong to strengthen sales activities and enhance local services of the controls business division.


Cesky INTER CONTROLCompany foundation
New larger building and capacityexpansion. The plant employs approx.300 people. The production is transferred from EUROMONT to the new subsidiary.
ISO 9002
Cesky INTER CONTROL is audited by the VDE and receives the ISO 9002 certificate.


ISO 9001
INTER CONTROL and Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau (manufacturing of thermostats and switching devices) are audited by the VDE and receive the ISO 9001 certificate.


Launch of the “Smarty Plus” series
In 1991 the Smarty Plus series is launched. A product family of temperature controllers with bimetal spring disk. The modular concept offers a suitable solution for different application requirements and establishes itself quickly on the market.


Foundation of EUROMONT in Czech Republic
EUROMONT is founded as subsidiary of Inter Control in the Czech Republic. INTER CONTROL and Thermstat- und Schaltgerätebau (manufacturers of thermostats and switching devices) transfer parts of their production activities.


Electronic Division sets focus on mobile machinery
The focal point of the electronics division is set to the market for “mobile machinery and outdoor applications.” The range of products is continuously expanded.


Development of a programmablelogic controller (PLC)
The "SPS digsy" a new, trend-setting generation of programmable logic controllers (PLC) is presented at INTERKAMA.


First programmable room temperature controller
Electronic room controllers are part of the product program. As one of the first companies in the world, INTER CONTROL presents a programmable room temperature controller with weekly program.


INTER CONTROL takes over the electronic device division from Nortron and establishes its own“Electronics” business unit.
Remote controls for garage doors and radio remote controllers for toy cars of the Schuco are part of the program.


INTER CONTROL takes over the majority of Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau
The company TSB – manufacturing thermostats and switching devices - is continued as an independent company. Restructuring turned the earlier competitive situation into a complementary product range.


INTER CONTROLCompany foundation
Development, production and sale of electro technical products. Primarily temperature-dependent switching and control devices.

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