digsy® ICN-RRO

CAN I/O module with 8 digital in- and 8 ratiometric outputs

Rugged CAN node family to be used in all kind of mobile applications.

All members of the digsy® ICN-R family offer 16 flexibly configurable I/O's which can be accessed by high-quality Deutsch-connectors.

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digsy® ICN-RRO


8 Inputs multifunctional

  • Digital inputs, plus-switching
  • Digital inputs, GND-switching

8 outputs

  • Ratiometric outputs, 3A


  • 1x CAN-interface with T-connector (2 connectors: CAN-In, CAN-Out)
  • J1939 protocol
  • Baud rates: 250 kBit/s / 500 kBit/s


General specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 8...32 V (Reverse polarity protected)
  • Module diagnosis: Undervoltage / Overvoltage / Over temperature
  • Operating temperature: -40°...+80°C (-40°…+176°F)
  • Shock- and vibration proof
  • EMC proof
  • Plastic enclosure, potted
  • Environmental protection: IP67 (Seal plugs required for unused pins/ports)
  • Dimensions: approx. 97 x 265 x 34 mm ((3.8 x10.43 x 1.34 inch)

digsy® ICN-RRO


Connector cable, 3 m, Node-ID: 15,
Baud rate: 250 kB

Connector cable, 3 m, Node-ID: 16,
Baud rate: 250 kB

CAN-cable, 3 m, loose end

CAN-cable, 0,3 m, 2 x socket

I/O-cable for inputs, 3 m, 2 x 3-coductor, loose end

I/O-cable for outputs, 3 m, 2 x 2-conductor,
loose end

Seal plug for I/O's and CANbus

CAN terminating resistor, 120 Ω

I/O-cable for PVE-valves, 3 m


The advantages of digsy® ICN-RRO

Versatile I/O modules with high quality connectors and simple configuration.

  • Versatile I/O modules with high quality connectors

    digsy® ICN-R product family offers all kind of I/Os which are required for mobile applications. Sensors and actuators are connected by high quality DEUTSCH- connectors.

  • Simple configuration

    The configuration of baud rate and node ID is made by simple wire jumpers in the central connector. No additional software tools are required.



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Brochures digsy® ICN-RRO
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  • Certificate for ICN-RRO
V1.0.0 pdf 515 KB Download
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