digsy® fusion E

Compact controller

Extremely compact, Low-Cost /High-Performance controller for mobile applications. The safety version features an integrated Emergency-Stop function (acc. to DIN EN ISO 13850) for direct Emergency-Stop button connection. 47 multifunctional I/O's, thereof up to 31 outputs. Freely programmable acc. to IEC-61131-3 with CODESYS 3.5.

The compact controller digsy®fusion E has been developed for a range of applications which require a compact design, combined with a high I/O-concentration.

The integrated Emergency-Stop-functionality additionally helps to save space and to reduce the system costs. Thus the digsy®fusion E offers all features which are necessary to automate a vehicle or machine completely.

Furthermore the digsy®fusion E also serves as a cost effective I/O expansion module in complex, distributed systems.

3 CAN-busses, one Ethernet-port and one USB-Interface complete the features of the digsy®fusion E.


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digsy® fusion E


  • 32-bit Controller, 200 MHz,
    32 bit Floating-Point-Unit
  • RAM: 2,25 MB
  • Flash: 3 MB
  • EEPROM: 8 kB for retain data
  • 3x CAN-interface (CANopen, J1939, Layer 2)
  • 1x Ethernet (TCP/IP, UDP) – optional
  • 1x USB (Host V2.0) – optional
  • 4x LED´s

8 Out-/Inputs multifunctional:
Digital output, 2 A
Digital input, high-active

4 Out-/Inputs multifunctional:
Digital output, 4 A
Digital input, high/low-active

8 Out-/Inputs multifunctional:
Digital output, 2.5 A
PWM-output, current control
Digital input, high-active

8 Out-/Inputs multifunctional:
Digital output, 4 A
PWM-output, current control
Digital input, high-active

2 Analog output, 0 … 10 V, max. 10 mA

1 Reference voltage, 5 V, 10 V, max. 400 mA

4 Inputs multifunctional:
Digital input, high-active,
Counter input, 30 kHz or 2x AB-counter

8 Inputs multifunctional:
Digital input, high-active
Analog input: 0 … 20 mA, 0 … 10 V, 0 … 32 V

4 Inputs multifunctional:
Digital input, high-active
Analog input: 0 … 1 kΩ, 0 … 10 kΩ, 0 … 10 V, 0 … 32 V

  • Operating voltage: 8…32V
  • Operating temperature: –40 °C … +80 °C / –40 °F … +176 °F
  • Aluminium housing with Goretex filter,
    rock fall and salt water resistant
  • Shock- and vibration proof
  • EMC proof according to automotive standards
  • Integrated Load-Dump protection
  • Environmental protection IP6K9K / IP6K7
  • Dimensions: appr. 190 mm x 162 mm x 44 mm
  • PL b acc. to EN ISO 13849
  • E1 certification


digsy®fusion E

digsy®fusion E – Ethernet

digsy®fusion E – USB


digsy®fusion E Safety

digsy®fusion E Safety – Ethernet

digsy®fusion E Safety – USB

Connector-set, 64 poles

Connector with 3 m cable, 64 poles

LAN-cable, 2 m, M12-connector

USB-cable, 1 m, M12-connector, USB-A


Measurement box digsy®fusion E


The advantages of digsy® fusion E

Compact and efficient.

  • Compact design and high IO density.

    digsy fusion E offers a high amount of in- and outputs at little space required and low height.
    Thus it is especially suitable for compact applications.


  • Cost efficient system design.

    digsy fusion E offers enough in- and outputs as well as extensive interfaces to automate the entire application with one device.
    Furthermore the system cost can be reduced by the integrated E-Stop function.  



List of all available downloads.


Download file Extension Size
Prospect digsy® fusion E
pdf 454 KB Download


Download file Extension Size
Manuals digsy® fusion E
  • Manual for digsy fusion E
pdf 5 MB Download
Getting Started digsy® fusion E
  • First steps with digsy fusion E
pdf 1 MB Download


Download file Extension Size
EC Declaration of Conformity
  • EC Declaration of Conformity for digsy fusion E
pdf 487 KB Download
ECHA - REACH (4888.61.x10)
  • ECHA - REACH data for 4888.61.x10
csv 565 B Download
ECHA - REACH (4888.61.x20)
  • ECHA - REACH data for 4888.61.x20
csv 593 B Download
ECHA - REACH (4888.61.x30)
  • ECHA - REACH data for 4888.61.x30
csv 577 B Download


Download file Extension Size
Package V3.5.16.0 digsy® fusion E
  • dfE Paket für CODESYS V3.5.16 mit Gerätebeschreibung, Bibliotheken, etc.
package 64 KB Download
CODESYS V3.5.16.0


0 B
Bootloader Tool dfX
  • Bootloader Tool for digsy fusion family.
zip 8 MB Download


Download file Extension Size
Basics, Retain and SysSetIOConfig
  • Beispiel für Basics, Retain und SysSetIO Konfiguration
    (für CODESYS V3.5 SP16)
projectarchive 1 MB Download
  • Beispiel für CANopen
    (für CODESYS V3.5 SP16)
projectarchive 16 MB Download
  • Beispiel für CAN Layer 2
    (für CODESYS V3.5 SP16)
projectarchive 7 MB Download
  • Beispiel für J1939
    (für CODESYS V3.5.SP16)
projectarchive 7 MB Download
J1939 with 3S library
  • Beispiel für J1939 mit 3S Bibliothek
    (für CODESYS V3.5 SP16)
projectarchive 11 MB Download


Download file Extension Size
ZIP-file digsy® fusion E
  • ZIP-Datei mit Zeichnungen zur DfE (ohne M12)
zip 3 MB Download
ZIP-File digsy® fusion E-Ethernet
  • Zip-Datei mit Zeichnungen zur dfE-Eth
zip 3 MB Download
Module cable digsy fusion X
  • Module cable for digsyfusion family
pdf 27 KB Download


Download file Extension Size
Modification list
  • Modification list of digsyfusion E
pdf 21 KB Download
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