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Temperature Sensor

NTC Surface Temperature Sensor / optimal heat transfer and short reaction time / Tmax 250°C / robust ceramic housing / easy connection technology / fast and safe assembly / combinable with Thermostat, SOD or thermal link

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SmartySense sensors facilitate and optimize the assembly of NTC sensor elements. A key development goal was a time-saving, but safe and reliable installation of the sensor on the surface of heating elements.

SmartySense sensors have a tried-and-tested, temperature-resistant ceramic housing and standardized plug-in connections. The optimal thermal coupling and low heat transfer resistance ensure short response times and improved process control.

Depending on the application, SmartySense sensors can be configured as a single or combination product, with either a thermostat, thermal link or SOD.


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The advantages of SmartySense

  • short response time

    low measurement deviation + improved process control + more safety

  • operating temperature up to 250°C

    versatile + can be used for numerous applications

  • easy mounting

    fast + safe + economical

  • simple connection technology

    quick and safe thanks to standard plug contacts

  • robust ceramic housing

    compact + tried and tested + easy to use

  • high voltage resistance

    for safety + longevity


NTC Temperature Sensor

Technical Data NTC

Tmax      Temperature - Range
°C min °C max. °C
250 -25 250
Tmax = Switch head temperature


R25 Value 100 kΩ
Resistance tolerance ∆R25/R25 ± 3 %
Max. Power P25 32 mW
Insulation resistance (500V DC)         > 100MΩ
B-factor (B25/100) 4092K ± 1 %
Dielectric strength  2,0kV 1 sec.
Thermal time constant ≥ 5,8 sec.  
VDE approval pending (DIN EN 60539-1)
Comparative tracking index CTI > 250V



  • Household Appliances
  • Steam Cleaning & Garment Preparation
  • Beverage Processing
  • Hot Water Preparation
  • Building & Room Heating
  • Industrial Applications

NTC sensor featuring a temperature-resistant and field-proven ceramic housing.

Fast response time thanks to optimal thermal coupling and low heat transfer resistance.  

Easy mounting and well-proven fixation method.

  • Time constant:  typical < 5,8 sec.
  • Resistance value R(25 °C):  100 kΩ
  • Operatingtemperature:  up to 250°C
  • High insulation voltage:  500 V DC / 60 sec.
  • Robust ceramic housing
  • Wide range of standard connections 
  • Easy mounting and well-proven fixation method
  • Can be combined with thermostat, thermal link or SOD
  • Low resistance drift under cycled operational temperature

Planned according to IEC 60539-1.

Directly heated negative temperature coefficient thermistors.


  • Major Appliances © AdobeStock

    Major Appliances

    Dishwasher, oven, professional cooking systems, washer

  • Small household appliances © AdobeStock

    Small household appliances

    Multifunction stove, deep fryer, waffle maker, steamer, rice stove

  • Beverage processing © AdobeStock

    Beverage processing

    Fully automatic coffee machines, milk frothers, tea machines, samovars

  • Clothing preparation / steam cleaning © iStock

    Clothing preparation / steam cleaning

    Iron, steam station, steam straightener, steam cleaner

  • Warm Water heating © AdobeStock

    Warm Water heating

    Instantaneous water heater, water boiler, gas boiler, water heater for cooking

  • Building heating / space heating © AdobeStock

    Building heating / space heating

    Heat pump, night storage heater, oil radiator, fan heater, frost monitor

  • Industrial applications © iStock

    Industrial applications

    Switch cabinet heating, switch cabinet cooling, industrial heating


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