Article Number: 161001

Discostat automatic reset

Temperature controller

Tmax 150°C / Imax 16A / switches 3 phases simultaneously / orientation independent

Available on request.

Properly installed, this temperature regulator may be used for electrical devices with a three-phases contact, for example in water heaters and thermal heaters. 

A vaulted bimetal disc is used as a temperature sensing element. Placed directly on the mounting plate, the bimetal disc reacts quickly on changes in temperature. Upon reaching the preset temperature the bimetall disc achieves the opening of the electrical contacts. Upon cooling, the disc snaps back into its original position thereby closing the circuit again.

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Discostat automatic reset

The advantages of Discostat automatic reset

  • simultaneous switching of all 3 phases

    reliable and high-performing + reliable over the entire life cycle

  • fast response

    minimizes unwanted temperature overshoot when switching off

  • orientation independent

    unlimited performance + response time in all installation positions

  • high life span

    high-performing + reliable over the entire life cycle

  • various connection options

    flexible + variable


fixed bimetal temperature controller

Nominal current: AC 3 x 16 A      230 V NI,       1.000 cycles
AC 3 x 10 A      400 V NI,       1.000 cycles
Automatic reset: < -20 °C
Function with rising temperature: opening
Schalttoleranz: ± 7,5 K
Tolerance: T 160 (10 A); T 150 (16 A)
Design: according to DIN EN 60730 protection class I
Contact material: Ag
Temperature changing rate: > 1 K/min
Mark of conformity: refer to approval list which is available
upon request

Properly installed, the temperature limiter type 162 001 may be used to control electrical devices with three-phase contact for example in hot water appliances and thermal heaters. 

A vaulted bimetal disc is used as temperature sensing element. The disc is placed in direct contact with the mounting plate therefore reacting quickly to changes in temperature. Upon reaching the preset temperature the bimetal disc operates and opens the electrical circuit. The limiter has to be reset manually by pressing the reset tab.

  • Simultaneous switching of all 3 phases
  • Fast response behavior, position independant
  • Various connection options
  • Long service life

The Approbation List will be provided upon request.


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