Perfection in all our endeavours
Everything our company produces must benefit our customers. To achieve this aim, we ensure that customer requirements are monitored precisely, in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Our company aims to constantly improve our products, performance and organisation. At our various manufacturing facilities we produce quality products, instead of selecting out faulty ones. Our basic principles and the continual process of improvement are laid down in the company goals and are subject to regular scrutiny.

If the concept of quality management had not already existed, we would have invented it. Long before the advent of ISO 9000, our efforts to manufacture high-quality products formed part of our company philosophy.

Quality management for us is a process supported by all members of corporate management.

Since 1996 the ISO 9001 and since 2002 the ISO 9001-2000 certificates have confirmed why our customers have been working with us for so many years.

We are proud of the numerous quality awards which we receive from our customers.

Quality test

In addition to the fully automated function and run-in test, each module is subjected to a manual check.

Visual test and processing:

  • Cleanliness
  • Completeness
  • Components
  • Configuration
  • Soldering
  • Assembly

Function test:

  • Computer-controlled and monitored
  • Fully automated calibration

Run-in test:
Test parameters:

  • Overvoltage up to + 80 %
  • Output overload
  • Test duration: 24 to 48 hours
  • Temperature cycles between -40° C and 80° C

Production data:
Type number, serial number, model status, manufacturing date, test status, HW and SW-version

Test data documentation:
Date, temperature, duration, test steps, test results, calibration data, firmware status, hardware status, measuring data, faults, tolerances, over/under voltage limit.

These measures make it possible to identify all modules produced since 2000 and to reproduce the production, test, sales and repair data.

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