digsy fusion G-P

Pure Performance

The mobile controller digsy® fusion G-P is focusing on high demand applications with extensive performance and communication requirements. With its powerful CPU & FPU it enables engineers to realize extraordinary functionality. It completes Inter Controls digsy® fusion series reliably serving in rugged environments in countless different applications.  

Vast memories allow the storage of detailed logging data over a long period as well as extensive configuration data for entire machine series.  

Due its connectivity featuring 8 CAN busses, 2 Ethernet connectors, USB and RS232 it is able to gather all common machine data, store them and transmit them whenever needed. Common protocols from CANopen/  SAE J1938 to Ethernet based OPC UA, FTP, UDP and TCP/IP are supported. Easy access via Webserver is available.



✔ 400 MHz
✔ 4 GB File System
✔ 15 MB Application Memory
✔ 48 – 192 Multifunctional IOs



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✔ 2x Ethernet with switch


✔ 8x CAN

✔ CANopen, J1939, proprietary

✔ 1x USB

✔ 2x RS232

✔ Webserver

































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