SMD Fuse

SMD Fuse F210

The new SMD fuse F210 from INTER CONTROL features a very compact design and copes with most demanding AC/DC requirements.

Specially developed for the use in switching power supplies, voltage converters, frequency inverters, engine controls, battery packs and LED lamps. The F210 handles most challenging DC applications up to 350 VDC and 100A beyond the established standard of 250 VAC and 150 A.

Thanks to its reduced voltage drop and low power dissipation low voltage applications down to 2.5V are also perfectly protected. The fuse’s time-lag characteristic ensures sufficient pulse resistance and high protection against interferences originating from the power grid.  According to IEC 61000-4-5 and the ESD testing requirements according to IEC 61000-4-2.

The SMD F210 not only compels due to the already highlighted electrical properties but also because of its plane design and compactness which helps to simplify the assembling process and PCB design. Non-soldered contacts eliminate typical restrictions (temperature limitations) in the soldering profile.

The series is unrestricted RoHS compliant and thus Pb-free. It goes without saying that only materials which comply with the requirements of the household appliance standard EN 60335-1, in particular the requirements of the glow wire test according to IEC 60695, are used.

Article no.


Breaking Capacity


F210 0000250V AC315mA - 15Aslow blow150A3,1 x 3,1 x 10,1 mm

IEC 60127-4/2


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