Grafik Erstellung - Visualisierung Bedienmasken
Grafik Erstellung - Visualisierung Bedienmasken

Graphics Creation

Programming and graphics creation of the various visualization systems are handled by one integrated software package only (Target visualization).

Advantages of the integrated visualization

  • The integrated visualization can address variables from the control system directly
  • Creation of the user screen within the IEC 61131-3 tool with integrated graphics editor
  • Modular visualization concept:

    • usage of the various visualization clients in parallel (TargetVisu, WebVisu, HMI)

  • A large set of ready-to-use elements is available – speeds up the design phase significantly
  • Reuse of entire user screens as a single individual visualization element
  • Instancing of complex visualization elements by parameter passing via interface
  • Multilingualism of the visualization supported by integrated editor for text lists

Crane brace support

This picture shows the user screen of a crane brace support. With little variations the visualization can be used for a variety of different models within one product family – reducing labor for engineering and emphasizing corporate design. All states are shown in real-time and adjustments are performed via touch-screen dynamically.

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