Programmierung IEC61131-3 CoDeSys - mobile Arbeitsmaschinen
Programmierung IEC61131-3 CoDeSys - mobile Arbeitsmaschinen


Mobile machinery is produced in smaller or medium volume – not to be compared with the automotive market. Customization is quite common, reducing the batch sizes even more. To manage this challenge a transparent, easy to modify application software solution is mandatory. To program our controls there is a variety of different editors – according to IEC 61131-3 – available, up to your preference or demands.

Standardized Software for all INTER CONTROL Products

  • Instruction list (IL)
  • Ladder diagram (LD)
  • Function block diagram (FBD)
  • Structured text (ST)
  • Sequential/continuous function chart (SFC/CFC)

A big advantage of this software suite is the real-time visualization of actual logic states. Debugging a system in the field is much easier for the service technicians having such a great tool at hand.


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Please note that end customers can purchase spare parts only from the manufacturer of their vehicle or machine. The same approach also applies to repairs.
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