Compact R III 48 I/Os - Mobilsteuerung
Compact R III 48 I/Os - Elektronik für Arbeitsmaschinen

digsy® compact R III | CAN controller for harsh environments

The digsy® compact R III is a compact control system for mobile applications, where handling of ratiometric valves is a demand. The system is based on two CPU-boards with an interface for data exchange.

  • Intelligent CAN-node
  • Proportional control for hydraulics
  • Customer programmable with CoDeSys
  • 2 independent CAN interfaces
  • CAN-protocols: CANopen, J1939, CLLI
  • Data storage controlled by program
  • Operational data with time stamps
  • 2x 16bit controllers
  • Real-time clock


  • 2x CPU 16 Bit, 80C167CS, 20MHz
  • 2x1MB Flash-EPROM, 2x320kB reserved for user program (UP)
  • 2x512kB Fast SRAM
  • 2 RS-232 interfaces
  • 2 CAN interfaces
  • 16 digital inputs, positive switching, configurable to ground switching, can be used for period duration measurement too
  • 8 digital inputs, positive switching, 4 of them configurable as counter inputs or 2x A/B-counter inputs
  • 8 inputs analog, 0...10V, 12 Bit
  • 8 inputs analog, 0...20mA, 12 Bit
  • 8 PWM-outputs with current control, 1,5A, short-circuit-proof, overload-proof, can be used as digital outputs
  • 8 ratiometric outputs: - neutral position at 50% operating voltage - max. deflection in position A at 25% operating voltage - max. deflection in position B at 75% operating voltage
  • 2 analog output, 0...20mA, 10 Bit
  • 2 real-time clock

CANbus interfaces

  • High speed CANbus-interfaces
  • Baudrates: 20 kBit/s...1 MBit/s

General specifications:

  • Operating voltage: 8...32V
  • Operating temperature: -40°C...+85°C
  • Shock and vibration-proof
  • EMC-proof according to automotive norms
  • Aluminum housing with Goretex filter, rock fall proof, salt water proof
  • Protection rating: IP66k
  • 2 sockets, 55 pin

Part Numbers

digsy® compact R III

plug set, 55 pin

Cable 3m with 1x plug 55 pin and open end

Cable 5m with 1x plug 55 pin and open end

Cable 6m with 1x plug 55 pin and open end


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