digsy fusion E

compact controller

Inter Control completes its successful digsy®fusion controller series with the compact controller digsy®fusion E. It has been developed for a range of applications that require a compact design, combined with a high I/O-concentration.

The integrated Emergency-Stop-functionality additionally helps to save space and to reduce the system costs. Thus the digsy®fusion E offers all features which are necessary to automate a vehicle or machine completely. 

Furthermore the digsy®fusion E also serves as a cost effective I/O expansion module in complex, distributed systems. 

3 CAN-busses, one Ethernet-port and one USB-Interface complete the features of the digsy®fusion E.


✔ 200 MHz 
✔ 47 Multifunctional IOs 
✔ 1.4 MB Application memory 

✔ 3x CAN
✔ CANopen, J1939, CLI2
✔ 1x USB optional
✔ 1x Ethernet optional


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