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Portal forklift

  • Load moment limiter
  • Control of the container spreaders
  • Information on the material handling rate for billing purposes
  • Convenient switching panel with integrated monitor and joysticks
  • Active oscillation attenuation
  • Color visualization of all current data and reference values
  • Real time analysis of all sensors and command devices
  • Real time activation of the actuators
  • Hydraulic valve control with PWM signals via CAN bus
  • Function-dependent activation and acquisition of actual data of the Diesel via J1939
  • Camera views of places that are not visible can be shown on the display
  • CAN Bus technology (CANopen, J1939, CANopen Safety, CLLI)
  • Sensor connection to distributed CAN nodes
  • Cost-effective line installation with CAN avoids complicated cable harnesses.
  • The across-the-board controller system connects sensors, command devices, hydraulic valves and drive motors.
  • Instead of single component selection, the system concept is prepared by a single source provider - INTER CONTROL
  • Weather-protected mobile controllers and CAN I/O modules can be mounted inexpensively without switching cabinets
  • Robust, scratch-proof touch display can be operated with gloves
  • Color display operator control with language-neutral icons
  • Extensive process data memory up to 4 GB
  • USB stick, LAN or RS 232 for data transmission to stationary PCs
  • Operating and production data analysis and storage
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