Our customers see our service as a major part of their own success. We are the first port of call for clients seeking innovative solutions. Customer satisfaction is our main concern and we work in close cooperation with our customers to develop solutions for the future.


A successful partnership is based on mutual trust. The close cooperation we promote with our clients is based on the highest level of integrity, commitment and customer orientation, so that both parties can benefit from the partnership.

Goals and Values

Highest quality standard
We do everything in our power to ensure that you only receive products that meet our high quality standards. Product quality is a major goal during development. Our experience and our exhaustive endurance tests, which are performed under extreme conditions safeguard our leading competitive position.

Highest technological standard
Our manufacturing methods are based on state-of-the-art technology and efficient production. This enables us to provide you with top-quality products at reasonable prices. The cutting-edge equipment installed in our development and test laboratories allows us to carry out rapid and reliable analysis and testing.

Long-term relationships with suppliers give companies a competitive edge. Choosing the right partner is vital. We are a development partner for our customers because we promote innovation. We present solutions. Sometimes even before our customers have recognized the demand.

Our door is always open for special needs. With our well thought-out, modular product range, our readiness to explore new avenues and our organizational strength we are flexible and quick to respond to new challenges.

We only make promises we can keep. Our business is built on reliability, efficiency and our ability to plan our work and our products. That is why we cannot promise everything, but we will do everything in our power to keep a promise.

Close Customer Contact
Accurate knowledge of our customers' goals and problems is important to us. Our challenge is to understand the requirements in detail and to fulfill them as well as possible. Our goal is the highest degree of customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we maintain close contact with our customers and take market indicators very seriously. Our aim is to make "Inter Control" and "Thermostat- und SchaltgerÃĪtebau" your first choice when looking for a capable development partner.

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