Founding of the company INTER CONTROL
INTER CONTROL is founded in Nuremberg in 1964. The purpose of the company is the development, production and sale of electro technical products – primarily temperature-dependent switching and control devices.


Cooperation of INTER CONTROL and Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau (production of thermostats and switching devices)
The competitor Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau in Bad Kissingen is bought by the majority share holders of INTER CONTROL and is continued as an independent company. Restructuring turned the earlier competitive situation into a supplementary range of products for the cooperative relationship.


The beginnings of automation
The first production automats were obtained because of a shortage of personnel and rising costs and pressure from the competition.


Branch in Montreal, Canada
Founding of a subsidiary in Montreal, Canada. Bulb thermometer thermostats are produced at this plant.

Introduction of electronic data processing at this plant.
During the same year, the electronic data processing systems are integrated for the first time in the business processes. This was still very rare for medium-sized companies.


“Electronics” business division
INTER CONTROL takes over the “electronic device” division from the Nortron. Remote controls for garage doors and radio remote controllers for toy cars of the Schuco are part of the program.


Single-board controllers
Involvement in microprocessor technology began in 1978. The world’s first microprocessor controllers for jukeboxes of the Wurlitzer were a great success. Modified and expanded, INTER CONTROL also uses these products as controllers for storage paternoster lifts, evaluators and other applications.


First programmable room temperature controller by INTER CONTROL
Electronic room controllers are part of the product program. As one of the first companies in the world, INTER CONTROL presents a programmable room temperature controller with weekly program.


Activities moved from Montreal, Canada to Vermont, USA
The subsidiary INTER CONTROL Inc., USA is founded.


Development of a programmable logic controller (PLC)
The development of a new, trend-setting generation of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) is decided on. The “SPS-digsy” (PLC digsy) of INTER CONTROL is presented at the INTERKAMA.


Electronics for mobile machinery
The focus of the electronics division is set to the market for “mobile machinery and outdoor applications.” The range of products is continuously expanded.


Czech Republic
In 1991 the subsidiary “EUROMONT” is founded in the Czech Republic.
In 1990 INTER CONTROL and Thermstat- und Schaltgerätebau (manufacturers of thermostats and switching devices) transfer parts of their production activities to the Czech Republic.


Introduction of the Smarty Plus series
In 1991 the Smarty Plus series is introduced to the market. This is a family of controllers with bimetal spring disks. The modular concept offers a suitable solution for different company requirements and establishes itself quickly on the market.


ISO 9001
INTER CONTROL and Thermostat- und Schaltgerätebau (manufacturing of thermostats and switching devices) are audited by the VDE and receive the ISO 9001 certificate.


Foundation of Cesky INTER CONTROL
Production in the Czech Republic is transferred to the subsidiary Cesky INTER CONTROL.

ISO 9002 certification of Cesky INTER CONTROL
Cesky INTER CONTROL is audited by the VDE and receives the ISO 9002 certificate.


Sales office in Hong Kong
A sales office for the Asian region is founded in Hong Kong in 1997.
New building in the Czech Republic.
Production in the Czech Republic is expanded. A larger plant is built which employs approx. 300 people today.


Introduction of "digsy compact"
The new mobile controller series "digsy compact" is presented at the BAUMA in 1998. This controller concept was developed especially for the needs of the manufacturers of mobile machinery.


The Alre company joins the IC/TSB group.
Alre, Berlin joins the company group through takeover of shares.


Manufacturing company in China
The Hong Kong sales office is provided with its own production company in Guangzhou, Canton, China.


New thermostat generation
The new generation of thermostats – Smarty II/Minimelt II/Discomelt II – is introduced.

New orientation of the TSB company
TSB concentrates on the building of special machines for production and assembly.

Sales and technical support office in Tianjin, China
An INTER CONTROL company for mobile electronics sales and support for the Chinese market is founded in Tianjin, China.


Take over of TSB
INTER CONTROL takes over thermostat production of the TSB.

Development of mechatronics for tracking systems
Drives and controllers are developed for both PV and CSP.


Takeover of the business unit heat control of the Electrovac
Electrovac Heat Control (EHC) of the Electrovac company in Klosterneuburg, Austria is taken over.

Market introduction of mechatronics packages.
Marketing of mechatronics packages for solar trackers begins in 2010.


INTER CONTROL und Alre employ more than 500 people worldwide and achieve a turnover of approx. 60 million Euros.

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