Temperaturregler/ -reglerkombination "Trioclic Plus" Typ 161 461

Type 161 461

Thermostat / thermostat combination "Trioclic Plus"

The triple combination thermostat / thermostat / thermostat 161 461 is suitable for controlling or monitoring three fixed temperatures. Typical applications are espresso machines and percolators.

Bimetal discs are used as temperature sensing elements. The discs are pressed directly against the mounting plate of the combination and can therefore react quickly to changes in temperature. As soon as the individual preset temperatures are reached, the bimetal discs operate and open the relevant electrical contacts, opening or closing the circuit. On cooling the discs snap back into the original position, opening or closing the circuit again.

The thermostat combination is also available with a snap-on plastic cover.
For high switch-off temperatures a ceramic cover with a clip can be used.
On request, the combination is also available with a temperature limiter. A version with high differential (approx. 25-50 K) can also be supplied.

  • 3 integrated functions
  • Easy mounting and wiring
  • Fast thermal response, independent of mounting position
  • Wiping contact action
  • Long life
  • Various types of terminals and fixing


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