Energieregler - stromunempfindlich, temperaturgeführt Typ 148 001

Type 148 001

Energy Control, current independent

The energy control is suitable for electrical appliances where the temperature cannot be sensed directly at a heater or where increased thermal acceleration is necessary for the function of the appliance. Typical applications are grills, mini-ovens, portable hotplates and cooktops, radiation heating appliances, etc.

This uncompensated energy control alters the power-on time according to the ambient temperature. As soon as the preset power-on time has elapsed, the snap action contact opens the circuit. After a cooling phase which depends on the cycle time, the contact automatically closes the contact again.

This energy control is also suitable for monitoring temperatures where an improved thermal coupling is necessary due to unfavourable mounting conditions. The control is not compensated against the influence of ambient temperatures. For this reason it is advisable to contact our engineering department to discuss sample configuration so that the control can be adapted to the exact application.

  • Small size
  • High electrical load
  • The energy control is not current dependent and is therefore suitable for all applications where variable loads need to be taken into consideration
  • Various terminal types
  • Spindle length freely selectable with various turning ranges
  • Cycle time can be adjusted to suit the application


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